What happens after my incentive reservation is approved?

After receiving an approval and incentive reservation number, you should work with your Reserving Company and Installer to proceed with the installation of your system. After your system is fully installed, the Reserving Company will complete and return by mail the Final Project Documentation and Incentive Request Form, which must be signed and dated by you. This form is available from Vermont Solar Partners and Preferred Biomass Installers, or it can be downloaded directly from the RERC website here. The form must be completed and submitted before the deadline date.

Any changes between the system as proposed in the incentive reservation form and the system as installed must be fully documented when the Final Project Documentation and Incentive Request forms are submitted. Any such changes are subject to review and approval with respect to system eligibility and incentive calculation. If the Final Project Documentation and Incentive Request forms comply with all of the program requirements, an incentive check will be promptly issued to the Reserving Partner company.

Incentive payments are made by check to the Reserving Company on behalf of the customer. Incentives are intended for the benefit of the customer. Transfer of incentive benefits from the Reserving Company to the customer must be clearly identified in customer contracts and invoices, as either a credit (preferred method) or a rebate.