For full Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) policies and procedures, please see the SSREIP Terms, Conditions, and Requirements found here.

vFY2017 SSREIP Advanced Wood Heating System Incentive:

Flat-Rate Incentive:
Custom Incentive:
Custom Incentive:
Base Incentive Calculation $3,000 $1.25/sq-ft heated
building space
$1.25/sq-ft heated
building space
Maximum Base Incentive $3,000 $60,000 $80,000
Thermal Storage Tank Adder Calculation $0 $10.00/MBH $10.00/MBH
Maximum Thermal Storage Tank Adder $0 $10,000 $15,000
Customer Lifetime Cap (with Adders) $70,000 $70,000 $95,000

Details on the vFY2017 Custom Advanced Wood Heating System Incentive:

  • Available for systems with multiple boilers/furnaces.
  • Calculated based on the facility’s size (heated square footage).
  • Includes an adder for thermal storage tanks proportional to heating system size.
  • Includes woodchip systems (green and dry).
  • Woodchip systems must meet an 80% (HHV) efficiency standard and limit total particulate matter emissions to no more than a 0.10 lb/MMBtu output. Pellet systems must continue to meet the current requirements (85% HHV efficiency and PM2.5).
  • Applications may be subject to an in-house design review. The Renewable Energy Resource Center will continue to respond with further questions, approval or denial within (10) business days of application receipt.
  • This incentive cannot be combined with the flat-rate Advanced Wood Heating System incentive.

Details on the vFY2017 Flat-Rate Advanced Wood Heating System Incentive:

  • Has been increased to a flat-rate of $3,000.
  • Only availanble for single pellet boiler or pellet furnace systems; systems with multiple units must apply for the Custom Incentive (see above).
  • Eliminates the pellet storage adder and the thermal energy efficiency adder.
  • All systems must have a minimum of 21 days’ worth of pellet storage.