Solar Hot Water

  •  We will no longer accept Solar Hot Water reservation applications starting December 1, 2017.

The average residential customer receives approximately $1,000 in incentives from our program.


Here are the links to download the incentive reservation forms. You should submit the form as soon as you are committed to install a system. Incentives are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on system and customer eligibility, please review each technology’s SSREIP Terms, Conditions, and Requirements (found under Application Documents).

The SSREIP will no longer accept Solar Hot Water reservation applications starting December 1, 2017.

Incentive Program Steps

  1. Customer & Reserving Company Sign Contract and Design System
  2. Apply for Incentive Reservation and Appropriate Permitting
  3. Incentive Reservation Approved
  4. Procure System and Install
  5. Submit Final Project Documentation for Review
  6. Incentive Check Sent to Reserving Company

Solar Hot Water Installers

Find an Approved Solar Hot Water Installer

If you are an installer looking for more information about program and participation requirements, please download and read the Terms, Conditions and Requirements below.

Solar Hot Water Terms, Conditions and Requirements


For full Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) policies and procedures, please see the SSREIP Terms, Conditions, and Requirements found here.

  • Must be complete systems capable of serving domestic hot water loads.
  • Incentives are not available for space heating applications.
  • The thermal collectors used in the systems must have an OG-100 output rating from the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC) or an equivalent organization.
  • Upgrades to existing solar hot water systems are eligible if they include new collectors with a rated output of at least 15 kBtu/day.
  • Incentives are available for swimming pools for Special Category customers only (low-income housing non-profits, public schools, municipalities and non-profit healthcare facilities).