Wood Stove Incentive

The incentive is available to customers as an instant discount at Participating Retailers for clean, efficient, EPA-qualified cord wood and pellet stoves. Your retailer will help you find an eligible model and take care of all the paperwork - all you have to do is enjoy your new stove! 

RERC/CEDF incentive: New stoves must replace non EPA-certified stoves

  • Pellet stoves: $1000 incentive
  • Cord wood stoves:$800 incentive
  • A $100 incentive is also available to replace the catalyst in your existing EPA-certified woodstove.

Efficiency Vermont incentive: Available for all other customers purchasing an eligible stove - new installation, or replacing an EPA-certified stove. (Cannot be combined with RERC/CEDF incentive)

  • Pellet & Cord wood stoves: $650 incentive
  • A additional $100 is also available if your old unit is removed and disposed of at the time of installation.

Not sure which program makes sense? Talk to a retailer and they will help find the best deal for your situation!


Participating Retailers

Retailer Address Town Phone Website
Bennington Pool and Hearth 126 Hicks Ave Bennington 802-442-5237 www.bpsh.com
Black Magic Chimney Sweep 254 Taconic Business Park Rd.  Manchester Center 802-362-5755 www.blackmagicchimneysweep.com
Bourne's Energy 72 Lower Main St.  Morrisville 802-888-2611 www.bournesenergy.com
Brickliners Corp. 51 Dorset Lane  Williston 802-872-0123 www.brickliners.com
Clean and Heat LLC 513 Main St.  Lyndonville 802-626-9700 www.cleanandheat.com
Fireside Hearth and Leisure 5 Pine Ridge Rd. Lisbon, NH 603-838-5125 www.firesidehearth.net
Friends of the Sun 195 Depot St. Manchester 802-362-4070 www.friendsofsun.com
Friends of the Sun, LTD 532 Putney Rd, Ste 101 Brattleboro 802-254-4208 www.friendsofthesun.com
Green Mountain Fireplace Specialties 194 Main St Ludlow 802-975-0626 www.gmfireplace.com
Home Comfort Warehouse 54 Bridge St White River Junction 802-295-8778 www.homecomfortwarehouse.com
O.C. McCuin & Sons 3337 VT Route 7 Highgate 802-868-3261 www.mccuinfuels.com
Rutland Stove and Fireplace 256 N Main St Rutland 802-786-0747 www.rutlandstoveandfireplace.com
Stove and Flag Works 1757 Essex Rd Williston 802-878-5526 www.stoveandflagworks.com
Stove and Flag Works 178 River St.  Montpelier 802-229-0150 www.stoveandflagworks.com
The Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop 3113 Shelburne Rd Shelburne 802-985-4900 www.chimsweep.com
The Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop 1284 US Route 302 Barre 833-278-8119 www.chimsweep.com
The Farmyard Store 3262 US Route 5 Derby 802-766-2714 www.thefarmyardstore.com
The Stove Depot 2479 Route 7 Ferrisburgh 802-870-3220 www.thestovedepot.com
The Stove Depot 114 Northside Drive Bennington 802-753-7393 www.thestovedepot.com
The Stove Depot 5598 Route 7 South North Clarendon 802-747-9950 www.thestovedepot.com
The Stove Depot 2046 N Main St Londonderry 802-824-3677 www.thestovedepot.com

Incentive Program Steps

  1. Verify that your old stove is not EPA-certified.
    • Any stove prior to 1988 is not certified.
    • For 1988 and newer stoves, check the EPA’s historical certification list to ensure that your old stove was never EPA certified.
  2. Find a Participating Retailer and select a qualifying EPA-certified replacement stove.
  3. Purchase the new stove and receive your incentive discount from the retailer.
  4. Your retailer will install the new stove, and recycle your old stove.
  5. Your retailer will submit the incentive request and get reimbursed by the CEDF.

Financing Available!

Efficiency Vermont Heat Saver Loan features rates as low as 0%: Click here for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can more than one wood stove change out in the same home get an incentive through this program?

A: No, only one stove per address can receive an incentive through this program

Q: Can a customer replace a cordwood furnace or other old wood heater through this program?

A: Yes, any wood burning heating “appliance” stove/boiler/furnace can be changed-out, if it is 1) in use and 2) not on the list of historically certified EPA wood heating appliances.

Q: I thought that X stove met the requirements – why isn’t it on the Qualifying Products List?

A: To be on the RERC Qualifying Products List, a stove must meet all 3 of these criteria:

  • Be on the EPA certification list
  • Have a particulate emissions rating of 2.0 g/hr or less
  • Have an Actual Measured Efficiency rating of 70% or higher (cannot be blank on EPA list)

Check the EPA’s list (click here) to ensure that the particulate emissions rating and Actual Measured Efficiency are present and within the specified limits. Also check to see if the stove may be listed under a parent brand/company name. Please report any errors or emissions on the RERC list to info@rerc-vt.org.

Q: Does the new stove need to be installed in the same exact location as the old stove?

A: No. However, the new stove should still be heating the same space/structure that the old stove did. If the location is moved, please make a note for that project when submitting the incentive request. This will help RERC staff understand why the backgrounds in the old stove and new stove photos won't match up.

Q: Can I replace an old cord wood stove with a new pellet stove (or vice versa) and get the incentive?

A: Yes, you can absolutely change out one type for the other! The incentive is based on the new stove that you are installing - so if you replace an old cord wood stove with a new pellet stove, you'll get a $1000 incentive. If you replace an old pellet stove with a new cord wood stove, you'll get an $800 incentive.

Q: What if the old stove does not have a make and model # on the back because it is very old or homemade?

A: No problem - write "No visible model #" on the incentive request.

Q: Are fireplace inserts eligible?

A: Yes, there are a few fireplace insert products on the Qualifying Products List. However, the new insert must be replacing an existing, non-EPA certified insert or stove. We cannot offer incentives to inserts that are "replacing" an empty fireplace. .


For full Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) policies and procedures, please see the SSREIP Terms, Conditions, and Requirements found in the Retailer Participation Agreement.

  • Offered via Participating Retailers for select EPA-certified cordwood and pellet stoves that replace in-use, non EPA-certified wood stoves or other wood heating appliances.
  • New stove model must have a particulate emissions limit of ≤ 2.0 g/hr and actual measured efficiency of at least 70%, as listed by the EPA.
  • The pre-existing stove must be properly recycled or disposed of at a solid waste district, licensed salvage yard or certified recycling facility. These stoves cannot be reused or resold for intended use as a wood heater of any kind.

Stove Retailers:

Apply today to become a participating retailer! Download the application here: Download the Retailer Participation Agreement

Submit application to RERC at info@rerc-vt.org. Attach a copy of your W9.

Request RERC/CEDF reimbursement using this spreadsheet tool: Download the Incentive Request Template

Additional Wood Stove Opportunities

Windham Windsor Housing Trust (available for pellet stove installations in Windham County, cannot be combined with RERC/CEDF incentive). Click here for more information

Vermont Electric Co-op bill credit (available for pellet stoves that replace an old fossil fuel heating system). Click here for more information