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Advanced Wood Heating Systems

The Advanced Wood Heat incentive is available for efficient central wood pellet heating systems. 

For systems installed in homes and small commercial spaces (<5,000 sq ft heated space): 

  • A $3,000 discount will be applied to the cost of the your system when you work with an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor.
  • Projects are also eligible for a $3,000 rebate from Efficiency Vermont.
  • Additional incentives may be available through your electric utility

Commercial systems that serve over 5,000 square feet of heated space: Please contact Efficiency Vermont directly to enroll a custom project. 

  • All systems receiving Efficiency Vermont custom incentive AND under $100,000 total system cost - please click this link for RERC/CEDF paperwork to receive the $3,000 incentive: Click here

NEW! Coal Change Out Adder - combine with Efficiency Vermont and CEDF incentives to replace a coal stove/furnace/boiler and get up to 50% off the cost of a new heating system. 

NEW! Residential-income-eligible Adder: - combine with Efficiency Vermont and CEDF incentives for funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Income LevelAdders
Low Income (≤80% AMI) $8,000
Moderate Income (81% - 120% AMI) $6,000

Customers interested in the residential income-eligible adder funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) must complete income verification with Opportunities Credit Union to determine eligibility at the time of initial application.

AreaIncome Level (% of median income)INCOME THRESHOLD BY HOUSEHOLD SIZE
One PersonTwo PersonThree PersonFour PersonFive PersonSix PersonSeven PersonEight Person
Addison 80% 52,450 59,950 67,450 74,900 80,900 86,900 92,900 98,900
120% 78,720 89,880 101,160 112,320 121,320 130,320 139,320 148,320
Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle 80% 60,100 68,650 77,250 85,800 92,700 99,550 106,400 113,300
120% 90,200 103,200 116,000 128,800 139,200 149,600 167,640 186,520
All other VT counties 80% 51,950 59,400 66,800 74,250 80,200 86,100 92,050 98,000
120% 78,000 89,000 100,200 111,400 120,200 129,200 138,000 147,000

Income is defined as the total annual gross income of all family and non-family members age 18 years and older living within the household. Opportunities Credit Union will determine annual household income for all members of the household. For each household member, the credit union will collect the person’s name, all sources of income (including both earned and unearned income), total annual income, and required supporting documentation. Acceptable forms of income documentation are:

  • The most recent Social Security benefits statement (if Social Security, Social Security Disability Insurance, or Supplemental Security Income was received).
  • First two pages of the most recent federal tax return (if income tax return was filed).
  • Unemployment Benefits Statement from the past 12 months (if unemployment benefits were received).
  • Current paystubs with year-to-date wages listed.
  • The most recent IRS Schedule C and the following information for each source of self-employment income: type of business, time period, gross income, expenses, depreciation, and net income.
  • If the household member received another type of income, a document or documents that confirm the income.

Types of income include, but are not limited to: wages, salary, tips, bonuses or commissions payments, public assistance, social security/SSI, child support, regular gifts, unemployment, income earned on assets (savings, IRA, etc.) and some types of financial aid.

Incentives will be applied to the cost of your change out and/or repairs when you work with a Participating Stove Retailer/Installer.

Commercial systems are not eligible.


Please access the incentive through the forms linked above.

Find an Approved Installer

Advanced Wood Heating Installers must be members of Efficiency Vermont's Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) Advanced Wood Heating trade group. Contact Efficiency Vermont to learn more or enroll your company in EEN membership: 888-921-5990 or [email protected]


Eligibility in the program is specified within the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) Terms, Conditions, and Requirements document