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Heating with Biodiesel

The “Heating with Biodiesel” Pilot is available to help cover costs associated with conversion to biodiesel fuel as well as reduce the cost of biodiesel fuel deliveries. Biodiesel is a clean burning renewable fuel derived from used vegetable oils produced in the United States. Biodiesel can be used for home heating in blends measured by the amount of biodiesel in a fuel mixed with regular #2 fuel oil. The “Heating with Biodiesel” Pilot offers B99 biodiesel to qualified Vermont homeowners.


Incentives up to $1300 are available for:

  • B99 Biodiesel fuel deliveries
  • Heating system inspection to ensure customer heating systems are “biodiesel ready”

Incentives are based on income eligibility:

Low- and Moderate Income (≤120% AMI) – one-third (1/3) of current market price for B99 biodiesel ($/gallon) up to $1000 + $300 heating system inspection incentive = $1300 total incentive

The initial incentive will be calculated at one-third (1/3) of the current market price for biodiesel. For example, B99 at $5.50/gallon would have an incentive of $1.83 per gallon with the customer paying $3.67 per gallon and the fuel dealer receiving a payment from the CEDF of $1.83 per gallon sold.

Participating Fuel Dealers

In order to offer this income-eligible incentive to residential customers, fuel dealers must submit the SSREIP Biodiesel Incentive Program Participation Agreement

Participating Fuel Dealers are limited at this stage of biodiesel market development. If you see your fuel dealer listed below, contact them for further information or to participate. If you don’t see them listed, you may want to contact them about participating in the program.

Bourne’s Energy 72 Lower Main Street Morrisville, VT 05661 (802) 888-2611